About Us

At YOSAA, we're not just about booking accommodations; we're about creating memories. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to revolutionize the way individuals and companies find and book serviced apartments across Europe's most vibrant cities.

Jouke Baaima

Jouke Baaima

Jouke Baaima


Jouke is bringing years of hospitality experience with him. He’s dedicated to operations, staff and finance, but also happy to fix a faulty computer from time to time.

Bella Nokes

Bella Nokes

Bella Nokes

Infusing audacious imagination into every project, Bella ideates visions to life, mapping strategic blueprints for success.

Michael Berendsen

Michael Berendsen

Michael Berendsen


Michael is making ‘noise’ in the international market as well as at the office and is responsible for all commercial activities and acquisition.

Our Story

Bella, Jouke, and Michael shared a vision of transforming the way business travelers experience new destinations. They saw the need for a platform that not only meets but exceeds expectations, providing outstanding customer service, transparency, and a passion for excellence. Seeing this gap in the industry, they combined their expertise in hospitality and real estate to create a platform that offers more than just a place to stay—it offers a genuine sense of home wherever guests go.

"We all had the same vision for global mobility, a commitment to duty of care, and recognized the importance of local knowledge and reach." – Jouke Baaima-

In 2016, Bella Nokes, from At Home Switzerland, crossed paths with Jouke Baaima and Michael Berendsen from Serviced Apartments.nl. Little did they know, this meeting would mark the beginning of a journey that redefined global mobility and accommodation. It was a match made in hospitality heaven, and the rest is history!

“The idea to work together was there from the beginning, so the decision to do exactly that was easily made.” – Bella Nokes-

COVID became a pivotal moment with many disruptions but also positive changes. Other big platforms were shut down and being sold but one main question arose in all three minds: ‘how do we stay ahead and remain key players?’ 

Our Team

To stay ahead, it's all about teamwork and sharing the same work ethic and DNA. At YOSAA, we are driven by a passion for creating amazing experiences and fostering strong connections with our customers and partners.

“Our goal is to build deep, trust-based relationships with local corporations.” – Michael Berendsen  

Behind the scenes, you'll find a dedicated crew of professionals with years of expertise in hospitality and real estate. With offices strategically located in the Netherlands and Switzerland, we leverage our local knowledge and extensive industry connections to ensure that every aspect of your stay is unforgettable. Our team thrives on providing exceptional customer service, guaranteeing a seamless and fantastic booking experience for every guest.

Our Mission

We get it — business travel isn't just about ticking off destinations on your map; it's about diving headfirst into new cultures and making memories that'll last a lifetime. That's why we're constantly expanding our collection of serviced apartments, each one capturing the unique essence of its location. YOSAA aims to be a European platform with a local presence, delivering on promises made to stakeholders and a culture centred around the new generation.   

Whether you're a family with kids, a couple traveling with your furry friend, or a solo explorer eager to immerse yourself in a new location, we have the perfect apartment to match your needs at YOSAA.

 We care about what matters to you — whether it's a spacious apartment with a garden for entertaining or a cozy studio right in the heart of the city. Tell us your story, and we'll create the perfect backdrop for your stay.

How We Work

Whether you're travelling for a week, a couple of months, or relocating indefinitely, our platform offers an easy and efficient way to book serviced apartments. With a vast network of properties available, finding the perfect accommodation for your needs has never been easier.

 We believe in the power of collaboration and have designed a two-tier program to benefit both our partners and corporate clients. Serviced apartment providers can join our Partner Program to list their apartments on our platform, where we provide support to ensure their properties reach a wide audience of potential guests.

Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually improve our platform and services. Through our Partner and Mobility portals, we streamline the booking process, ensuring a seamless experience for all our users.

Why Choose YOSAA

When you choose YOSAA, you get the best of both worlds: a team with years of experience and a fresh, innovative approach. Our shared DNA and structure ensure that every aspect of your stay is handled with care and dedication. We strive to make you feel good, safe, and comfortable, exceeding expectations and building loyalty.

YOSAA is more than just a brand; it's a passion project born from a love for hospitality and travel and a commitment to making every guest feel at home. Experience the difference today. Browse our collection of serviced apartments and discover your home away from home.

Meet the team

Bonding over their shared passion for hospitality and a desire to revolutionize the serviced apartment industry, the team behind YOSAA embarked on a collaborative and collective journey to redefine the way accommodations are offered and experienced. Fuelled by innovation and a commitment to excellence, YOSAA was born, dedicated to providing travellers with unforgettable stays and unparalleled service across Europe's most vibrant cities. 



Commercial Desk



ESG - Our Shared Home

At YOSAA, we are deeply committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles because we recognize the critical importance of protecting our planet and fostering social responsibility for the well-being of all. Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us; it's ingrained in our core values and influences every aspect of our operations.

Understanding the significant environmental impact of travel, we are steadfast in our dedication to minimizing our carbon footprint. From implementing energy-efficient practices in our offices to advocating for eco-conscious transportation options, we continuously strive to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our offices are designed with sustainability in mind! We have transitioned to paperless systems to reduce waste and minimize resource consumption. Moreover, we actively promote remote work and alternative transportation methods among our employees to reduce emissions from commuting.

Over the years, we have partnered with like-minded organizations that share our passion for sustainability! We encourage these partners to adopt eco-friendly practices, such as using energy-efficient appliances and reducing waste, in the properties they manage.

At YOSAA, we believe that sustainability is a collective responsibility. That's why we are deeply engaged with our community on ESG issues, collaborating with local organizations and spearheading educational programs to drive positive environmental and social change. Together, we are committed to creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Guest Related

  • Aiming for plastic free apartments
  • Recycling policies per country/city
  • Customer jouney - cut emissions
  • We work as paperless as possible
  • We only work with suppliers who are "green" (i.e.: led lights, use clean cleaning products, modern building with energy saving appliances, etc.)

Employee Related

  • We have a diverse team with nationalities from all over the world. The open and flat organization and the pleasant and informal working atmosphere where everyone is treated equally, makes it possible to grow as an individual
  • Training on and off-the-job
  • Increased attention to employee welfare:
    • Free use of the Headspace app (a science-backed meditation and mindfulness solution for the workplace) for all employees.
    • Team events and weekly drinks.